Review Policy

My Reviews:
My reviews are always of my opinion and are completely unbiased. They are honest representations of my thoughts on a particular book that I have read. My reviews are not influenced by whether I have purchased a book myself or am sent a copy by either the publisher or author. My reviews include:

*Title, author, publication date, format of the book I read and links to purchase the book.
* A short synopsis of the book.
*My thoughts on plot development, character growth, world building and an overall enjoyment of reading the book.

 I do not believe in reviewing books I have not enjoyed on some level. I am a firm believer in not broadcasting bad publicity or 'book bashing'. If I have really not enjoyed the book at all, I will choose not to review it. I do not want to influence people not to buy a particular book. 

Books I Review:
I am a Young Adult Fiction fan so I tend to stick to that specific genre. I enjoy reading/reviewing paranormal books, dystopian novels, books with characters dealing with social issues as well as quirky, fun, lighthearted stories. As I work part time in my local bookstore I also like to read New Release Fiction titles as well.

Review Copies/ARCs:
Just like any other reviewer/blogger, I LOVE ARC's. Unfortunately my location does not make it easy for me to be a receiver of some of the amazing copies that that other reviewers are lucky to be given. Obviously a physical copy is always great to be given and I will always appreciate the extra mile taken to be sent a review/arc copy from anybody. I do own an iPad and am able to read Kindle copies and Epub copies as well, which is a great consolation prize. Please Note: I do not give preferential treatment to authors/publishers who send me physical copies over ebooks. Although I am grateful for physical copies I do not place them any higher on my to-be-read list. For author review requests please fill in the Request a Review Form in the Contact Me tab. I do have a an email address, mentioned below, which is only used for blog tour requests, giveaway requests, publicity requests and representatives of publishing houses. If you send a review request to that I email I will not accept it. Just like anyone else I do not wish to be spammed so please comply with my blog rules. If I wish to review your book I will respond to your request.

Working in a bookstore I am all for promoting authors, books ,events...basically anything book related. I want to get the word out there for people to read books! Therefore I am open to participating in author interviews, guest blogging/reviewing, hosting contests, blog tours and promoting special offers on anything book related. I'm also happy to be involved in promoting new authors and/or books so long as it is possible for me to read the authors latest work. You name it and I'll be interested in putting up on my blog. For such events please contact me at stephtheyareader(at)gmail(dot)com. This email is only used for blog tour requestsgiveaway requestspublicity requests and representatives of publishing houses. IFor author review requests please use the Request A Review form.

I am happy to run third party contests on my blog. if I do participate in third party contests I am not responsible for shipping prizes are any damage costs that be involved. When running my own contests I will stipulate eligibility for entry and I will cover any shipping costs involved. I am not responsible for any damaged incurred during shipping.

Reviews are posted once I have completed the book and a set date cannot be given for a review. However if a review is required by a certain date for promotion purposes, and I have been given adequate time in which to complete the book, a review should be possible. But I make no guarantees. I am a college student and I work part time so I try my best to do posting on a regular basis.

I receive NO paid compensation for my work. All content posted by me is of my own opinion.

I reserve the right not to post anything that I find inappropriate for my blog and audience. The views and opinions expressed by others on my blog are not necessarily endorsed by me. Everything on my blog is written by myself and I do not believe in copying/plagiarizing the work of other bloggers. I reserve the right to remove content posted by others if I deem it inappropriate for my blog.

Please feel free to contact me for reviews, promotions or if you have any further questions.

Thank you.