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*Email me if you are a representative of a publishing house, would like me to participate in a promotion of a book/author, for giveaways, guest blogging, guest reviewing and any further questions:   stephtheyareader(at)gmail(dot)com. Please Note: Do not use this email address for author review requests. Thank you.

*Email me if you're a business that centered around books – I'm available to do business features and reviews (as seen in my business feature for The Book Case).  I'm happy to try the product out for myself (granted it's within my budget), or you're welcome to send me test samples of any bookish product too. 

*If you would like to request a review for a particular book please see my Review Policy before contacting me. To request a review please fill in this form. If I am able to review your book I will let you know. I will also send you a link to the review once posted.

*I am active on Twitter and my handle is @TheYA_Reader. A follow is always appreciated and returned.

*The YA Reader also has a Facebook page, if you are able to a "Like" would be nice.

*I am on Instagram and promote books there as well, username StephTheYA_Reader.

*Reviews are also posted on my Goodreads page, where I like to keep up to date with my favorite authors and new releases.

For further inquiries and know where to find me.